Sunday, July 20, 2008

Comment Manifesto

Blogs are about holding a conversation. The comment box is where you respond to another person's thoughts. If your comments are getting excessively long or you wish to host them on your own site, please place the url of your post in the comment box with an indication that your thoughts are hosted on your own blog.

You may place comments either on the original post (in the case of a previously published re-run) or on the Bridges post. Editors hold the right to reprint comments on their original post that are left on Bridges (in other words, enter them manually on their own blog in the comment section so that all comments can be kept with the single post). They also have the right to delete a comment that does not fit our guidelines.

Our guidelines: We are always open to conversation, arguments, and questions. We are not open to personal attacks, hate speech, or fighting for fighting's sake because these things go against the point of this site which is to listen with an open heart and attempt to understand another person's world in order to build bridges between us. Comments are removed at the discretion of editors. If your comment has been deleted, you have the reason why it has been deleted and we respectfully ask you to not post an argument about the removal. At the same time, because comments instantly go live, there may be times that an inappropriate comment is left up for several hours. We also reserve the right to leave up a comment that another person may see as being hateful or attacking. We err on the side of inclusivity and try not to limit speech. If you have a problem with a specific comment left on the site and would like to explain why you are requesting its removal, please write Melissa.

Points-of-view are, by definition, very personal and one person's thoughts are not meant to reflect everyone's thoughts within a community. Speak solely for yourself and understand as you listen that you are hearing a single person's words.

Now jump into the conversation.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I beg to differ.

Not really.

sweetsalty kate said...

Hello there girls - lovely space you have here. I'm hoping it's okay, but your comment manifesto was simply perfect - I've cannibalized it somewhat to create our own over at Glow in the Woods.

Thanks so much for the inspiration, and let me know if there's any issue..