Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kymberli's Story

Kymberli is the contributing editor for Surrogacy (Surrogate Point-of-View). She writes daily at I'm a Smart One where she chronicles her life as a gestational surrogate after her own struggle with infertility.

Kymberli is an eighth grade English teacher and her husband, Frank, is a stay-at-home father to their four children, as well as their nephew of whom they have guardianship. After 2.5 years of trying to conceive naturally without success, Kymberli was diagnosed with anovulation. With the assistance of Clomid, she was able to conceive twins and two singleton pregnancies. Before conceiving her fourth child, she was given a full and proper diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Insulin Resistance (PCOS/IR).

As a parent after infertility, Kymberli wanted to help other couples as a way of paying it forward: “I know that we were incredibly blessed; had Frank and I needed a surrogate, I can only hope that someone would have wanted to help us in the way I want to help others.” She has been actively involved in the online surrogacy community since 2002. In March 2006, as a gestational surrogate she delivered a healthy baby boy to a wonderful pair of intended parents. In addition to being the Bridges contributing editor for surrogacy, she also writes about parenting after infertility and her continued surrogacy experiences at I’m a Smart One.


luna said...

kym, your story is amazing. I have always thought you were an angel. now I know you're a bodhisattva.

if anyone else wants to know how much I heart kym and why, read this:

anymommy said...

I've been reading Kym's blog for a while now (don't miss it) and have admired her from afar. Recently, I've had an opportunity to get to know here a little better and email with her a little and I'm amazed that she lives up to and exceeds all my expectations! I've learned so much from her. I think it's incredible when someone can touch so many people that they've never even met.