Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shhhh... Experiments in Progress

If you are around this weekend, don't bother stopping by - we're out of town.

Okay, so the kids are going to be home, but the Man and I will be a whole two hours away. All weekend. Yes, we just got home from the hospital, and yes, everybody's still recovering from the four weeks of nosebleeds that sent us there, and yet. We're leaving the kids, and bugging out. All the way to Connecticut. Got to be done.

(okay, can I say now that I'm scared a little spitless?)

We've never left the kids before. On our tenth anniversary, the Man and I barely considered the idea of a solo vacation before booking a cabin that could sleep four. (barely) How could we leave them? Leaving a child with a bleeding disorder (nevermind allergies, that's another post) means you need to train the person who looks after them, teach them when to worry, when to take the first measures, when to call in the cavalry. That caregiver has to have nerves of steel, and an impeccable poker face. They need to be able to ask the kid why he's limping, without giving away anything roiling on the inside. It takes real courage to accept that an emergency is happening in front of you, and *you* are the one who has to deal with it - denial is not an option.

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