Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gayby Boom

Miraculously, I've discovered another great article about surrogacy - The Gay Baby Boom, and this one is an excellent read on so many different levels. Found on Details.com, the online version of a popular men's magazine:

"The stereotypical image of the American gay man—single, fabulous, social, and up for endless anonymous sex—is giving way to a new norm, one that has couples and even unattached gay men settling down to raise children. Statistics are hard to come by, but academics, doctors, lawyers, and gay advocacy groups say that there appears to be a boom in homosexual men having babies. And as with many trends, the increase in gay fathers has afforded its own terminology: the gayby boom."

I write at great length about surrogacy as an option for infertiles, but surrogacy is also gaining prevalence as a family-building option for gay couples and singles. Though surrogacy in general and surrogacy for the GLBT community specifically are still subject to harsh criticism and gross misunderstandings, I am glad that we live in a day and age when it is becoming increasingly accepted to be who you are, love who you choose, and not have to do so at the expense of giving up your ability, nay, your right to parent.

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Kymberli is the contributing editor for Surrogacy (Surrogate Point-of-View). She writes daily at I'm a Smart One where she chronicles her life as a gestational surrogate after her own struggle with infertility.

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SeaStar said...

Thank you Kymberli for a perspective that really is a bridge for me. I know very little about surrogacy and didn't know gay male couples were using it - though it makes sense. The story you recount makes me think of Fred Small's song about the gay couple who had their foster to adopt kids removed and the haunting chorus "love is love, no matter who, no matter who." I may have hte words slightly off, but the sentiments ring true. Thanks for speaking for htat point of view.