Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lil's Story

Lil is also a contributing editor for Postpartum Depression. She is beginning to write about her experience with prenatal and postpartum depression at There is a Crack in Everything. She also blogs about daily life at From Maiden to Mother.

This is like walking up to you in a bar and just blurting out stuff about me, hoping something will spark your interest and we'll connect. How about postpartum depression? It affects close to 20% of mothers (and some fathers) in North America alone. Maybe you're one of I was.

I was going to become a holistic health practitioner, my long-time need to be a mother quickly diminishing with the end of every other weekend with my partner's three children. Clearly Big Momma upstairs was still checking off my "life list", because nine months after committing to a man I loved and finally being able to afford to study in the field I knew I would be brilliant in, I became pregnant. Is @#*% the appropriate response when one sees the pink strip on the pee stick?

I now know that I had prenatal depression during my first trimester and that it was a precurssor to my postpartum depression (PPD). Two months into my daughter's life I was diagnosed. In its grip I was far from the earth mother I imagined I'd be...I was despondent, ambivalent about this screaming, demanding baby and didn't care whether I lived through it or drowned, just as long as it (my daughter, nursing and late-night-ass dragging) all went to hell so that I could go back to a life that was meant for me, because this was not it.

I went through it all ~ medication, hospitalization and thoughts of suicide and adoption. Three years later, I'm still here and so is my daughter. I survived just like I was assured I would. Now I write about my experience with PPD in my blogs because I want others to know they will survive too.

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