Thursday, September 25, 2008

Network Spinal Care

Let me just tell you that laughter is definitely the best medicine!

Eric, Caleigh and I went to a Network Spinal Care doctor the other day. Our Feldenkrais practitioner suggested we try another therapy to compliment hers. She suggested Homeopathy, BodyTalk or Network Care. Her thought is that our bodies are holding in all the stress of the past year and a half. If we don't get rid of the stress then it will be difficult for Caleigh to move forward past her pain and trauma. Any tension that Eric and I are holding in will be transferred to Caleigh and she feels that from us. I'm stressed, I know, so it made some sense to me and anything that is relaxing at this point is worth a try. After reading about all of them we decided to give Network Care a try. It is done by Chiropractors and seemed to be the most 'medical' of them all. Here's a brief summary.....gentle touches along the spine that help release the tension. It uses your bodies own energy to heal itself. You can look at the associations website, but let me tell you, it can't explain what happens and what you see.

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