Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Reminder for Enablers

Get this…My father calls my dear old auntie and says, “Please send me some duct tape.” Auntie says, “Why do you need duct tape?” Dad replies, “My shoes have holes in them and I need to tape them up,” knowing full-well that his sister is going to buy into this bogus sob-story. Auntie replies, “Oh, don’t worry brother, I’ll take care of you. I’ll send you $100 so you can buy yourself some new shoes.”

When my mom told me this two days ago, I thought, “You cannot be fucking serious!?!?” A grown, educated woman, stuck so far in denial it’s ridiculous, thinking she’s “helping” my dad. HERE’S A WAKE UP CALL, AUNTIE! You are an ENABLER of the worst kind! The only thing you are helping my father do is KILL HIMSELF! If you think your $100 went to buy a new pair of shoes, you are a complete and total idiot. Ironic that just two days after you sent him the money, he called one of my uncles and one of my brothers higher than a kite. Congratulations, auntie, you helped finance his crack habit! Good job. Way to go. What a martyr you are! You should be so proud of yourself for “helping” my dad.

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Becky is the contributing editor for Family Perspective on Addiction. She has recorded part of her story at A Walk in Our Shoes and A Daughter's Journey.

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