Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sad Day

While mommys and daddys all over the world were picking their kids up from daycare, preschool, camp...we were picking up our children for the first and last time. We will never get to pick them up from daycare, from school...from a friends house. We picked our children up from the funeral home. They didn't need a car seat. They sat on my lap in a box.

I thought we would just walk in and they would hand us a box. "Our" guy wasn't in, but the guy who met us at the door who knew we were. We didn't call beforehand...we just must have that "parent of dead babies" look. Apparently this was the guy who did the cremation.

I was crying before he came into the room. Just looking at that box and knowing what was inside broke my heart all over again. He showed us the urn and said that he had not sealed it, as he didn't know our plans. He took off the little top, and there was a ring of dust. Except it wasn't dust. We told him we wanted it sealed.

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