Monday, September 22, 2008

What It's Like to Have Your Father Come Out of the Closet

A reader posted this question:
How tough was it for you to be 13 and your Dad come out? Those years are tough enough, how was your life socially dealing with those issues, how did you handle it? ALso, do you think your Dad would have been happier if he would have lived his life on his terms, yet still help raise his child?
When I found out my dad was gay I was 13. My mother had known for at least a year and my brother knew too but I don't really know how long he knew. My mother told me about my father one night when she and I were having an argument. I don't recommend this method.

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Jen is the contributing editor for Child of a GLBT Parent. She writes about her family at Kids of Queers.

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SeaStar said...

The particular circumstances, your father being gay and your mother handicapped and their choosing to stay married in that particular time and in the shadow of AIDS have their own power. Under the particulars, runs a theme of how terribly difficut it is to grow up in the shadow of a secret - any secret. Thank you.