Monday, October 13, 2008

100 Words Project - Love

Every hour, from midnight until midnight on October 13th, we are running 100 words describing a memory, a story about a person, or an image on the theme of love. A single moment of intense love. Each post is a small snapshot into how a single person has experienced the emotions surrounding love.

The screen will grow to fit all 22 posts and they'll be filed via a link on the label section of the sidebar for easy access in the future.

If you are moved by a post, please leave a comment for the author. In addition, when possible, please follow the author back to his or her blog in order to connect with them.

The 100 Words Project runs once a month. Please check back soon to see the topic for November.

1 comment:

luna said...

just 9 words:

heart caressing
soul embracing
spirit lifting
joy inducing