Thursday, October 16, 2008

And Sometimes We Cry

Oh GM & I can have some good days when there is a good day to be had. We seize the moments, we hold each other tight, and we swoon with mutual affection. Oh the good days are oh wonderful, oh so good. Lots of singing, lots of laughing, lots of silliness.

And sometimes we cry.

Sometimes we just don’t know who GM is and neither does she. These are the hardest moments, and I have written about them before.

Imagine having to convince someone that they are who they are. Daily. Imagine having to tell someone that they once had a husband, children, grandchildren. Imagine having to sum up parts of a person’s whole life swiftly before they crumble into a dark pool of emptiness.

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Calliope is the contributing editor for Alzheimer's Disease. She writes daily at Creating Motherhood, where is walks the line between taking care of the older generation while creating the next generation. She lives with and cares for her grandmother who has Alzheimer's.

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SeaStar said...

This is a powerful and disturbing post, Caliope, and rings so true to my memories of my mother's last years. It is just so hard on the outside of that emptiness of mind - has to be so much harder on the inside. And the wailing and keening you describe just as I remember, and wish I didn't. Peace to you, your mother, your GM, and everybody affected by awful Alzheimer's disease.