Friday, August 29, 2008

True View Friday Open Thread

We did this last week and now we're doing it again. It's your turn to give us a glimpse into your world. Every Friday we will ask you to start the conversation by asking you two questions:

What do you believe?
What have you observed or noticed this week as you've walked through your world?

Your thoughts can either reflect inward, stating something you believe strongly or is commentary on your own experience or your thoughts can move outward, retelling something you've noticed or observed (a particular interaction with another person, the way you resolved a conflict, a wonderful connection) as you went through your week. You can also ask a question that is either directed towards all people or something you truly wish to understand about a community.

I like to think of this open thread similar to a two-dimensional Christmas advent calendar (so says the Jewish lady) where you peel back the little windows and you get a glimpse of the house underneath. Each comment is a small window in a world that is uniquely and wonderfully your own. And if you notice something amazing inside a comment, connect with the writer and let them know.

If you are stuck, try beginning your sentence with "I believe..." and then explain your reasons behind the thought.

In addition to providing a view into your world, please respond to a thought that someone else threw into the conversation by adding a (+) before the commentor's sign-off name and then adding your thoughts. In other words, when you open a new comment box, write

+lollipop goldstein--

and then your comment (eg. +lollipop goldstein--in asking us to present what we believed has opened a huge, messy can of worms*).

As I've already stated in the comment manifesto, all thoughts should be respectful. Points-of-view are, by definition, very personal and one person's thoughts are not meant to reflect everyone's thoughts within a community. Comments that attack another person, are hateful in nature, or are seen as simply picking a fight and not starting a conversation will be deleted.

So give us a glimpse into your world and teach us something new about your corner of the blogosphere. What do you believe? What have you observed? What do you want to ask? In other words, how do you view the world?

* This is probably true, but if we're not willing to talk out the hard topics, open our hearts to another person's world, listen, and build that bridge, there is little point to this site.


Antigone said...

It seems like many people are fairly self absorbed creatures, including me.

Martha said...

My response to "True View Friday" is on my blog, A Sense of Humor is Essential

+Antigone in describing us as self absorbed is very accurate and insightful. (Also, I think Antigone is Wonderful.)

Cassandra said...

+Antigone: I believe that most people strive to seek a balance between benefitting the self and benefitting those around us. From an evolutionary standpoint and on the basis of human nature, that makes perfect sense.

I believe that fewer people work to benefit the greater good, although if you believe the speeches at the DNC, we may be heading more in that direction.

Journeywoman said...

Sorry but I just heard political stuff.

My true view today is that it is more important WHAT an elected official does than his/her gender and race.

I will not vote for anyone who is anti-choice. The moment Roe V Wade is overturned, IVF is next in their sights.

I also held my mother as she cried. After 60 years, she still misses her best friend in college who died from an illegal abortion. I would have called her Aunt Julie. I wish I had known her.

Real life is not black and white. --That is my true view today.

SeaStar said...

Outside observation this week. I've been riding the bus to work and home, walking in the neighborhood early in the day and near dusk. I \'ve observed I see and name many more colors when I spend time outside, moving at the pace of my own legs - that I think more thoughts and make more poems when my mind follows the pace of my feet. Its also good for me to see the wider range of people I meet riding the bus - mix of age, race, class, purpose for being on bus. Keeps me aware or more diversity.

SeaStar said...

+antigone, I think self-absorption is both a tendency and a choice. I know I can get out of balance either in the direction of self absorbtion or in the direction of ignoring my own needs and feelings to or serve others. The balance point seems to change with stress and life circumstances - definitely not stable.

+Journeywoman, I wish you had known your Aunt Julie too, and that she had not died as she did. I agree with you that real life isn't black or white and that all of us, including polititians show what we're really made of in out actions.

Wishing 4 One said...

What I believe is that the world is getting crazier and crazier by the day.

The poor are getting poorer and the rich getting richer. People hate each other and don't even know each other.

Here in Cairo, the class division is SO apparent and so sad. As we approach the month of Ramadan here in a few days, I think of the poor who will indeed fast for the day but will not know if they will have something to break their fast with at sundown.

Faith is essential, for me at least, and when I look at these faithful people, fullfilling a commandment from God, I am in awe.

Whatever your belief, or not, we should try to respect those who do believe in something. While we don't have to agree with everyone, take a minute this week to find out a little bit about those who are different than you.

Caba said...

As an atheist, I'm sick of politicians trying to enfornce their dogma on us. Separation between church and state please!

And Journeywoman, I'm with you sister. Anti-choice is no choice for me (at least when it comes to voting.) I'm so sorry for you and for your mother. I believe it's very easy to choose to not have an abortion for yourself. Then let the other woman decide what her choice is.