Thursday, September 11, 2008

100 Words Project - September 11th

Every half hour, from midnight until midnight on September 11th, we are running 100 words describing a memory, a story about a person lost, or an image of this day seven years ago. Each post is a small snapshot into how a single person remembers this particular day in history.

The screen will grow to fit all 55 posts and they'll be filed via a link on the label section of the sidebar for easy access in the future.

If you are moved by a post, please leave a comment for the author. In addition, when possible, please follow the author back to his or her blog in order to connect with them.

The 100 Words Project runs once a month. Please check back soon to see the topic for October.


Shelli said...

Narda and Malka left the house early today, so I had a few moments to myself, so I turned the tv on. THAT was my reminder what today is.

September 11th. The 7th anniversary of a tragic day.

I forgot.

I live in NYC.

I SAW the towers fall with my own eyes.

I HATE when people invoke September 11th, as an excuse for racism, bigotry, hatred and war. Because if they do? You can bet they aren’t from NYC.

I lived with walking around and seeing pictures of missing people plastered everywhere.

Now? “ground zero” is a tourist stop.

I wonder if other graveyards hold as much interest.

Those are my thoughts on today. I’m a little bitter about how the world treats it. I think the world has lost its focus about it, and that those 3000 people are more than a name read aloud, and that nothing should be built on the site of the towers. But that’s just me.

luna said...

mel, thank you so much for organizing this powerful testament. I held my breath as I read each one. just beautiful.

Stacie said...

Powerful. Riveting. Heartbreaking. The adjectives I could use to describe the 100 Words Project could go on and on forever. Each and every one of the posts were beautiful. Thank you, everyone, for sharing.

And thank you so much, Mel, for organizing this wonderful tribute.

Once again, I am in awe of this awesome community.