Monday, September 29, 2008

Topcat's Story

Topcat is one of the contributing editor for Alcohol and Drug Addiction. She writes daily at Indisputable Topcat where she is parenting after infertility and navigating her husband's cancer.

Topcat started her blog to document her IVF treatment. She got a BFP, so it became a pregnancy blog. Five days before Monkey was born, Mr Topcat got diagnosed with cancer. He was down in the big scary hospital in the oncology ward, while she was up in the different hospital with a newborn, expecting to be widowed any day. Throughout all of this, she has not had a drink or a drug. Which is kinda good, considering she is a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict. She is also kind, vague, has man hands, and thick chin hair that has to be plucked every day.

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