Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Alex's Birth

The nurse poked her head into the pastel waiting room at MV Hospital, “Are you with the young lady having a C-section? Yes? Well I just heard a very healthy cry from that delivery room.” I sat stunned and completely overwhelmed, my son Alex had just been born.

When we first began trying to get pregnant, my husband Dave and I talked about the possibility of adopting should nature fail to take its course. In the beginning, we didn’t believe we would require this parental contingency plan. However, the next four years were an emotional and physical roller coaster of basal temperatures, ovulation predictor kits, blood tests, sperm counts, miscarriages, Clomid and intrauterine insemination.

During our final try with our infertility specialist for a ‘high tech’ baby, Dave and I had a heavy, deep and real talk about parenting. We had all our financial and personal ducks in a row, but no duckling. What was important to us was becoming parents and raising a happy and healthy child. How we formed our family was not the main concern. We decided to adopt.

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