Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Word From Dad

Hello, and thank you for reading on Hope's journey. I just wanted to add some of my thoughts. Hope's journey with short gut is unique, because we chose to forego extraordinary medical intervention. The hardest decisions that we as parents will ever be asked to make, are those that affect the lives of our children. We would like other parents to know that it is okay not to do everything that the doctors suggest. Facing the prospect of losing a child was the most difficult and trying time in our lives.

The consensus of the Doctors was that without medical intervention Hope would live two to three weeks at the most, that she would never gain weight, and she would die of malnutrition. Knowing this we decided to trust God, and brought Hope home under Hospice care. We prayed, not knowing if our prayers would be answered, but having faith that they would.

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Hope's Journey is a guest blogger for Bridges.

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