Monday, August 25, 2008

Building Our Bridge

An original post for Bridges:

I remember well the day my daughter was going to go home with her family.

Tessa had been born early in the morning the day before. So I had already spent a day and a half with this beautiful, wonderful being. My baby girl. She was so small and precious.

With all the love in me, I knew that she was going to have a chance because of the decision I was making.

I barely knew Lori and Rob. We had met once at the agency, once over dinner (my 4 year-old son joined us), and once at a get-together of my family. All that in about 10 days' time.

In my heart, I knew they were gonna be the best parents ever.

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Crystal is the contributing editor for the Birth/Firstparent Perspective. She parents a pre-teen son and has an open adoption with her daughter's family. She writes at Crystal's Way.

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luna said...

what a beautiful bridge you have built.