Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Calliope's Story

Calliope is the contributing editor for Alzheimer's Disease. She writes daily at Creating Motherhood, where is walks the line between taking care of the older generation while creating the next generation. She lives with and cares for her grandmother who has Alzheimer's.

I have been a full-time granddaughter since January, 2003 when my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Care-giving at home has been a struggle and a joy. Every day is new and yet every day is the same. It has been through care-giving that I realized that I was ready to become a mother. My grandmother has been an active champion of my hopes and dreams for all of my life, but the greatest thing she has taught me is dignity. Even as she struggles with this losing battle of Alzheimer's, she clings fervently to the core of her being with such grace that it is breathtaking. I hope to share some of the life lessons that taking care of my grandmother has taught me.

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SeaStar said...

Thank you Calliope for writing intimately of a nightmare disease. It too my mother's last five years - a really hard ending. I now people who work every day to care for relatives with this disease - a true act of courage and love.