Monday, August 11, 2008

Lori's Story

Lori is the contributing editor for Domestic Adoption. She writes daily at her main blog, Weebles Wobblog. She records her family's adoption story at Drama 2B Mama and reviews products at All Thumbs Reviews.

Once upon a time, Lori and her Prince Charming set out for the Land of Parenthood. But they encountered unexpected detours through Infertilistan and Adoptonia. Their perils and triumphs are told in Drama 2B Mama, a story with a beginning and an end.

Parenting and adoptive parenting brought new challenges and awareness. Lori began haunting cross-triad adoption boards to try to understand the full picture of domestic adoption (as much as one person can). Eventually, she made her way to blogging, and now details her quest to live, parent and love mindfully, attempting to really "get" the interconnectedness of All. Blogging -- observing her feelings, clarifying her thoughts, and reaching out to others to exchange answers and insights -- seems like the perfect way to do so. You can find her several times a week at Weebles Wobblog.

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luna said...

I love this! I think your writing provides an excellent example of mindful living and parenting. thank you!