Friday, September 5, 2008

True View Friday Open Thread

We did this last week and now we're doing it again. It's your turn to give us a glimpse into your world. Every Friday we will ask you to start the conversation by asking you two questions:

What do you believe?
What have you observed or noticed this week as you've walked through your world?

Your thoughts can either reflect inward, stating something you believe strongly or is commentary on your own experience or your thoughts can move outward, retelling something you've noticed or observed (a particular interaction with another person, the way you resolved a conflict, a wonderful connection) as you went through your week. You can also ask a question that is either directed towards all people or something you truly wish to understand about a community.

I like to think of this open thread similar to a two-dimensional Christmas advent calendar (so says the Jewish lady) where you peel back the little windows and you get a glimpse of the house underneath. Each comment is a small window in a world that is uniquely and wonderfully your own. And if you notice something amazing inside a comment, connect with the writer and let them know.

If you are stuck, try beginning your sentence with "I believe..." and then explain your reasons behind the thought.

In addition to providing a view into your world, please respond to a thought that someone else threw into the conversation by adding a (+) before the commentor's sign-off name and then adding your thoughts. In other words, when you open a new comment box, write

+lollipop goldstein--

and then your comment (eg. +lollipop goldstein--in asking us to present what we believed has opened a huge, messy can of worms*).

As I've already stated in the comment manifesto, all thoughts should be respectful. Points-of-view are, by definition, very personal and one person's thoughts are not meant to reflect everyone's thoughts within a community. Comments that attack another person, are hateful in nature, or are seen as simply picking a fight and not starting a conversation will be deleted.

So give us a glimpse into your world and teach us something new about your corner of the blogosphere. What do you believe? What have you observed? What do you want to ask? In other words, how do you view the world?

* This is probably true, but if we're not willing to talk out the hard topics, open our hearts to another person's world, listen, and build that bridge, there is little point to this site.


Anonymous said...

I believe in truth and kindness.

I'm really torn up over national (U.S.) politics this week. I want to talk about it, but not on my blog, where I try to post only kind words, and not on my group cancer blog, because it's not relevant there either. But I feel that we're on the verge of being torn apart as women over politics this week, and that makes me extremely sad.

My husband likes to say, "Women are so involved and wield so much power ... if you only could stand together, you would rule the world." But it's not that simple. We're not all that unified, and we don't have all the same beliefs.

I think we do have one thing in common, though. We all love our children and want the world to treat them with kindness.

Mrs. Higrens said...

I believe that things happen for a reason.

I just wish I knew what I'd done in this life or a past life to have IF happen to me. Or if it's supposed to be a learning experience, that I would learn what I need to learn sooner rather than later.

Don't mind me, I just entered into a 2-week wait on a Clomid IUI and the doc needed my bladder full for the catheter so he couldn't see my ovaries to determine if there actually were any eggs hanging out there. I'm just a little frustrated and uncertain right now.

luna said...

+toddlerplanet: I am also appalled at the political dialogue this week. very disturbing.

+mrs. higrens: I don't believe disease afflicts people for a reason or that people are to blame. infertility is a disease.

I believe we should have a four day work week here in the US, and that every citizen is entitled to and should have access to quality health care without bankrupting families. I'm just saying.

Tammy said...

I believe in boot straps.

I know we all have had our highs and lows but at somepoint we need to take resposibility for our own mistakes and shortcomings, pull ourselves up by the boot straps and dust of the dirt. I honestly believe that Gog helps those who help themselves first. (I am preaching to myself too.)

I am also dishearten by the attitude and craziness of the political ring this week. As toddlerplant said, we are not unified and many differing beliefs are held. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does make for a rough ride.

Lassie said...

I believe we need a 911 system for emotional rescue. I also believe I would like to be a paramedic for that system.

I was spending time with my MIL the other day. She was sitting in the living room and I was in the kitchen. We were happily chatting from our respective rooms. Then, I glanced through the doorway at her and saw such sadness on her face that I froze. My MIL was still chatting, but I couldn't hold up my end of the (seemingly) bright conversation. She looked at me then, ruefully, like I had caught her being naughty. She attempted to smile and continue the conversation. I pretended like I didn't see her pain. I pretended that she was okay and I was okay. We weren't.

I'll never forget that look on my MIL's face. I've never seen that look in person, only on victims being interviewed on the tv news. I should have reached out and helped her with her silent, mysterious grief, but I was unprepared for it. I think she was too.

I tried to be gentle with my MIL the rest of the week to make up for my inadequate comfort ability. I hope it wasn't too little, too late. She hugged me extra tight when I left today.

+ Mrs. Higrens- I think I know why I'm being punished with infertility and I wish I didn't know.

STE said...

I believe the universe is a cold, chaotic place. There are small spots of great love and peace, and for those I am grateful. This week, I have both felt and witnessed the pain of loss and struggle. It makes me tired. It makes me sad. I need reminders that there is good, because it can be so hard to see it sometimes. Communities like this one remind me of both the pain and the good. The good of connections. E.M. Forster said, "Only connect." I believe that is a good place to start inthus cold chaotic universe.

Anonymous said...

I believe in poverty. I know that is a horrible thing to truly believe in, but these are my throughts...raw... I work with "underprivledge youth" What a load of crap 'underprivleged' is. Is is a sugar coated word, so that the privledged (like me) can forget about the horrible stuff that children....daily....
They are over abused, under educated, neglected, beautiful, smart, funny, scared, hurt children. They are beaten down by 'disadvantage' by the time they enter kindergarten. I believe that I hate when people blame the kids. I believe in the survival instinct. I believe that the survival instinct is counterproductive to living up to the rules of society. But, how do you survive if the world(definition of 'world' for a kid?) is against you/unsafe/unclean/hostile?
I believe I had a bad/sad day at work. ( I believe that I can not spell. My teachers also believed this) P.S. I believe I deal with stress with humor.

Anonymous said...

I just posted under anonymous because I don't have a username
( I stalk and am not ashamed!) My name is Mosie (from Buffalo).

SeaStar said...

I observed my own responses to the political conventions and the responses of my friends and noticed how hard it is to shake bias - a kind of remark that sounded funny when my party made it seemed tasteless when made by the other party. So hard to shake bias!