Tuesday, October 7, 2008


"Tell me, do you like working?" he asked, pointedly.
"Oh, heavens, no! I hate it!" I reacted immediately, without even thinking. "I mean," I recovered, "I used to. I like the idea of working. I'm good at it. Or I used to be. You know, it's my field. But then I had all these kids, and really, that wasn't even the tricky part, it's just that then all this with the J-man and all this coordinating and I'm pulled in all these directions. You know, sooner or later, something has to give. But I have to work. How else would I pay you?"

Where did that come from? There I was in the developmental pediatrician's office babbling as though I was at my own therapist's office. Not that I have a therapist. Maybe I should, but who has the time? But seriously, since when do I hate working? When did that happen, exactly? Who is this person that I've become?

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Karen is the contributing editor for ADHD. She writes daily at her personal blog, Chez Perky, where she covers not only life with her vroombunctious preschooler, but also triplets.

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